Laptop briefcase? This is the one! (Tumi)

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  1. I like it - do you mind me asking why you love it so much though as I am a lover of all things laptop transportation!
  2. I went to the website and looked at the features and it looks excellent! Thanks for finding it and sharing. How much $$$ ?
  3. My daughter just purchased thais triple compartment notebook, Tumi travel tote that retails for $395 plus tax (7% = $28) and ($15?) shipping fees. It is available in black (iron), brown, and silver. The latter two coors are discontinued and are on sale for 40% off. My daughter found one in brown at for $239 (also 40% off), but without tax or shipping charge. The only additional charge is $6 handling fee. We google-searched and found a 15% coupon code. Although it says Tumi is excluded, but the code still works. The final price is thus about $206. You may want to check it out.
    Tumi tote.jpg
  4. About $450...
  5. Even with an older, heavier laptop as is my work issued one, it doesn't feel too heavy on my shoulder. I love the separate kind of egg-cartony padding for the laptop area and just how it hits against my body. And the tumi nylon is pretty much bullet last one went nearly 7 years of daily commutes, meetings and up till the very end looked great!

    there's also a compartment to store an umbrella on the bottom, a separate matching 'pochette' hooked inside. For a relatively small size it is just amazing features galore! :wlae:
  6. Wow, looks good and a great deal on Tumi!