Tech Laptop Batteries

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  1. #1 Feb 17, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 21, 2010
    Do you remove your laptop batteries or keep them on?
    I keep my batt on for my macbook.. how about you?

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  2. The newer laptop batteries like to have a discharge cycle once in a while. Under perfect conditions, a battery should last about 1000 discharge/charge cycles, so even if you run it completely down daily, you'll still be good for about 3 years. So don't worry that discharging it once a month will shorten its life. In fact, the opposite will happen. So basically, keep it in the laptop and plugged in/charged up most of the time. Once a month, unplug it and let it die. Then hook it back up to charge.
  3. i always keep mine in. i also always carry my laptop around the house with me, so i let the battery charge down pretty often, and it gets to the point of being out of battery completely about once a week.

    i'd rather use the computer unplugged than have to think about scheduling battery removal time.
  4. me too.. i use my macbook with wifi, so what i do, i use it while on power. then when i see the power/batt on 100%, i remove the adapter and im free to go to the bed, couch, etc.. when i see its abt 20%, i go back and charge it.. u think this is fine? i even charge my iphone on it.. hehe
  5. hey i checked your blog, nice pics :smile::biggrin:
  6. i never remove mine even though i know i should. i'm even surprised my battery hasn't died since i've had my mac for almost 3 years and it's on basically 24/7.
  7. wow, stephc005! on almost 24/7, hmm i am betting your using a cooling fan?
  8. ^actually no lol. i'm glad it has lasted this long though!
  9. i bought my mac a belkin fan with the fear it might overheat..
  10. I take my battery out if I know I won't be bringing it around for a few days.
  11. hmm. i think i should try that.. but i use my macbook everyday tho..