Laptop bags

  1. Does anyone know where I can find a quality laptop bag for a good price?
  2. check out, they have a huge selection, in all price ranges, always have sales, and have great user reviews too...
  3. Thank you! :tup:
  4. I love my Thin version from, they're also having a clearance sale, I got mine for 40 bucks back in Feb this year, now its 20! Totally durable and waterproof too, :} unfortunately mother nature has unexpectedly tested it a few times, with merciliess heavy rain D:
  5. Two more sites that you might find helpful:

    Use "koloparis" for a 10% discount on any order over $50, valid through the end of August

    Luna Boston
    Use "luckybreaks3" for a 25% discount, should be valid through the end of September
  6. Great thread! I'm a professional who travels a lot with a laptop and I am in love with the bags at
    They have bags that are perfect for work and ones that are more casual and cute for a weekend or working at a coffee shop.

    Also, I've been surprised at the selection at Target. If you just want an inexpensive temporary bag until you find one you'd really like to have for years and years, they have quite a few servicable ones that look pretty nice.

  7. I've been looking for a laptop tote for a looooooong time and so glad I came upon this post. Now I have some shopping to do....

    Thanks everyone!
  8. Tumi sells great laptop bags, very durable. check them out!!
  9. i bought my bf a swiss army laptop bag and he really likes it
  10. i picked up a laptop sleeve made of neoprene (wetsuit material) off eBay really cheap awhile back. its been the best!
  11. Try They have some beautiful fabrics for their bags - which come in a variety of sizes.
  12. Check TJMaxx. I bought this Tumi bag at $90 (original $350 -> down to $159.99 -> further down with three red stickes to $90). They had a black one, too but at $169.

    NM Last call clearnace center also had a couple of tumi women laptop bags.
  13. If you haven't purchased a laptop bag yet and are shopping around I can recommend checking out Case Closed Bags