Laptop bags coming


Aug 20, 2009
Minneapolis, MN
Hello all!

Rather new to the Chanel world, but I check out the boutique in my local Nordstrom frequently. I was in this weekend and spoke to the manager who mentioned that there are going to some actual laptop bags coming this year. She mentioned 2 different types, a larger one with a padded sleeve for the laptop and pockets on the front for wires and accessories. As well as a much more basic single sleeve case, both styles available with handles and removable strap.

She had a very small poor quality photo of the larger one ($2,600) but couldn't find the info on the slimmer ones, which she said would be coming in act 2. Don't suppose anyone on here has any more details? I've been desperately on the hunt for a slim, basic, laptop case so I'm super excited by this....just wish there were more details....


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Jun 28, 2015
Can't wait to see it. I'm super picky with laptop bags and have way too many criteria so hopefully they make a great one and in caviar :smile:
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