Laptop bag?

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  1. I want to buy a bag/backpack for my boyfriend to carry his laptop in and I know you ladies could be of assistance! Thanks :]
  2. is he a bag kind of guy or not that metro?
  3. Hi. I've also been trying to find a laptop bag for my brother's 12 inch Mac notebook. I've been looking for a long time! Either bags aren't sturdy enough, or else they have not got enough style. Or they have got too much 'girly' style. (My brother will wear a flowered shirt, so he'd accept some decoration on his bag, but a plainer bag would be better for his work). Anyway, I'm curious to know if anybody can suggest anything, too (meanwhile, I continue to look...)
  4. I like everything from Shaun Jackson designs. His designs are rugged, masculine, and ingenious about fitting everything one might want into an organized space. Shaun Jackson is an award-winning professor of design, and it shows.
  5. Thanks for the tips, I hadn't looked at either of these before and so will check them out shortly...
  6. I :heart: my crumpler. I have the Very Busy Man and it's HUGE. and still looks good after being abused for a year.
    Timbuktu makes good quality messenger/laptop bags as well.
  7. He isn't metro at all. It makes me sad sometimes, because he doesn't appreciate my love for shopping!

    His laptop is 17", so it kind of tough to find a bag/backpack that fits. Thanks for suggestions! I'll look into them