Laptop Bag

  1. I was thinking about purchasing either the bow satchel or the vitello compartment bag, but I was wondering how Miu Mius held up with laptops/textbooks. I would only carry one book at a time (or my laptop), but as I'm a college student, I'd rather spend money on something practical than fashionable, but preferably both. What is the lifespan of one of these bags if I were to use it for carrying something like that? Has anyone used one while in school (for school)?

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. If I were still at school, I would use a canvas or strong nylon bag instead of an expensive leather bag to carry my laptop. Textbook and laptop are heavy. I am afraid they will ruin the shape of my precious leather bag.
  3. ^^^Amen and then some!!!
  4. I agree -- I don't have the bags you mentioned so didn't really feel I could comment -- but the strain on a bag's handles from weight can be extreme.
    Take your laptop and whatever you'd carry and go shopping -- toss it in some bags, heft them, see how the straps look -- it's the only way you're going to know for sure. Maybe you're really dainty with things and it will work for you.
  5. Thanks for the input! :smile: Yeah, I may just get one for fashion. I was talking to a sales associate at Nordstrom, and she said it might be okay, but I wasn't sure she was being *completely* honest. She did suggest putting foam in the bottom, but meh, it's not worth the trouble. I'll just have my bags for fashion, and, separately, my bags for school.