Laptop bag?

  1. When i bought my large campana the SA told me that it was perfect for a laptop. I said that it has to be a pretty small laptop to fit but she said no, many people use it as a laptop bag. Anyway, I'm just curious if any of you use it as a laptop bag sometimes? I thing the bag is to small for that and i don't like the shape the bag gets, but what do you think?
  2. I never would have even considered it as a laptop bag. That just sounds bizarre to me...
  3. you should have gotten a briefcase or a messenger bag for laptops. BV has several styles that can fit laptops easily, but not the Campana.
  4. Even if they guarantee me that the Campana can withstand the weight of a small laptop (no matter how small/light), I'll never use it for that. I will not let my previous BVs work so hard - no way will they be subjected to so much strain.
  5. Uclaboi I agree, I didn't buy the campana because i needed a laptop bag. Just curious if someone else is using it as a laptop bag since the SA told me several people bought it as a laptop bag. For me it seems really odd.
  6. I think the SA was trying to snow you.

    Issues with using a Campana as a laptop bag -
    1) It has a magnetic closure. Now granted, most PCs no longer have CRT monitors and the hard drives are shielded to the point that this should be inconsequential... but even still.. no.

    2) Stemming from the closure, you can't "secure" the laptop. If I treated it anything like I do my current laptop bag, my laptop would spend more time flying out of the bag than in it.

    3) Most laptop bags have a shoulder strap - carrying a Campana with a laptop in it nearly completely mitigates any possibility of shouldering the bag.

    4) Has the SA SEEN the Campana? It's a beautiful purse. I can't imagine dervilfal using her Magnolia one for such a utilitarian purpose. That's what the BV laptop bag is for. ;)
  7. ^^I totally agree with kronik, a SA doing a major snow job. A Campana as a laptop bag is ludicrous.
  8. Aack! I can't imagine using my campana as a laptop bag!! I get freaked out if I carry more than my makeup bag, wallet, cell phone and keys, worried that it'll get stretched or misshapen. Can't imagine what damage a heavy laptop would do to this bag! Odd that the SA would try to mislead you on this since BV has other great styles that work much better as laptop bags.