laptop bag?

  1. What does everyone use to carry their laptops in? I want to get some kind of bag during PCE for my laptop, but I don't have a tiny laptop,and I didn't want a huge bag. A lot of the totes don't have zippers at the top, and I really want a bag that zips. I would prefer not to get a bag that looks like a briefcase. What are my best options?
  2. how about the new magazine tote or one of the hampton weekend stuff
  3. My personal laptop is kinda of large (15.4" widescreen) so I usually just carry it in a laptop bag my dad gave me. Now there is a chance that I will be getting a laptop for my new job and if so, I plan on getting one of those, oh i'm not sure how to describe it, laptop sock? I guess it's called a sleeve. I found them on dell's website.


    I'll use that and carry it in my Hamptons book tote.
  4. i've heard the multi-function totes are the best. they bring a folding component you can wrap your laptop in.
  5. Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. I really want the Hamptons weekend tote, but the dimensions are a little bit smaller than my laptop is. I could put my laptop in sideways, but I just don't know if it will work. I'll check it out in the store this weekend.
  6. Some of the large messenger bags would work.
  7. You can also check out[url] for laptop sleeves too.
  8. You can look in the look book on the counter for briefcases that they don't have in the boutique - if you want to go in that direction. Just make sure your laptop will fit. I have a Toshiba and it will not fit in the organizer brief - meaning the compartment won't zip up.
  9. Does Coach make any special laptop bags?
  10. I use the Hamptons Multi Function Tote for my laptops since one is 15" wide... I also have a Mercer Computer bag but the wide screen doesn't fit in there!

    I like the multi-function bag because it has the zip top and has lots of room for flies, spare batteries, power cord etc... I also like the material - it always looks clean and sharp beceause it's shiny! LOL

    Another nice thing is that I can carry it by the handles or throw it on my shoulder.

    The best thing to do is try them out... Good Luck with your purchase! :smile:
  11. I use one of the baby/multifunction totes. It has the pad that you can wrap around your laptop and put it into the side pocket which was designed to hold the pad. It has a lot of space and a lot of pockets! Mine has the web handles that are wider than the handles they have on the baby bags right now. So it's more comfortable.

    I love mine and would suggest you go for any of the bags that has the pad with it. Also if you ever decide to you can use it as a baby bag! ;)

    I would suggest going for the watercolor multifunction tote because it has a an extra strap that you can wear cross body. I may have to go get one of those.

  12. I have two messenger bags (and a massive laptop) I use interchangeably. I also have a hampton business worked better on my last laptop than it does now that I have the jumbo one...but still okay if I'm not going to be carrying it very far.

    Oh...and the large scarf print tote from last summer I use occasionally too!!!

    OOH...and occasionally I use my holiday gallery tote from 2005.

    I think thats all....