laptop bag?

  1. Love it!!!! Great Price
  2. That's a really great idea! This bag looks more like a shoulder bag than a diaper bag, anyway! I vote yes!
  3. I HAVE THIS BAG!!!! i am gonna try to upload the pics, i am new at this, its the FIRST TIME i have posted pix!!:yes: so if i don't get them up, i am SORRY! hahaha...
    too bad the white trim wasn't out when i first got it, its soooo much nicer, maybe i will get it for next semester!!!

    it is extremely efficient, and holds A LOT!!!! my laptop is a 13", and i put the shoe box there to compare the thickness, i have the baby pad too, but NO IDEA how i would use it to protect the laptop, its stashed away, but i will put up a picture for that too!!!

    there is also an zip pocket inside the bag where i put my long wallet and also 3 compartment pockets on the FRONT of the bag where i put my keys, cigarettes, cell phone, lip gloss, etc. things that i need and can reach for right away
    Image032.jpg Image031_1.jpg Image043.jpg Image055.jpg Image061.jpg
  4. here are the pictures with the baby pad!! i put my laptop by it and tried to do what your friend did.. sorry for the bad quality of pictures, my room is not that well lit, and i used my phone to take the pictures! :shrugs:

    HOPE THEY CAN HELP YOU DECIDE!! its a GREAT bag!!!!! i :heart: it... i have been using it for 2 semesters!!! and still in GREAT condition... :wlae:

    highly recommended!!
    Image062.jpg Image065.jpg Image067.jpg

  5. OMG you are too cute for words hahahahahaha! I :heart: your detailed pics!!!!! but its funny because i ALMOST thought i would pass on this bag because i love my Issabella fiore as a laptop bag (see attachment)...but i think u changed my mind!!!!
    Pics 108.jpg
  6. thanks bejwl...i LOVE the price as well, 600 for a gucci!!! WOWZA!!!!

    Thanks mickalia...btw is that ur name? so pretty!
  7. Oooh, that's tough. The diaper bag looks more like a shoulder bag (and judging by the pics, can definitely hold a lot!), and the second bag looks more like an actual bookbag. They're both about the same size, the messenger is a little more expensive, and doesn't come with the pad (if you'd use it). I'd almost guess the first one would be more comfortable to wear, because it would hang more like a shoulder bag and not as far down or as bulky as a bookbag. I would say it depends on the look you'd want to acheive while carrying your stuff!

    Oh! Mickalia is a name an old friend of mind started calling me waaay back in middle school. It stuck, but it turns out it's very close to my name in Hawaaiin! (Mikala)
  8. ohh... i DOOOO love you current laptop bag!!!!!

    lol.. my lil sister's name is Melica, that's her birth name though!!! i have NO IDEA where my dad came up with that name... but a family friend did say something about a Hawaiian name that is similar, maybe its yours!! hehe.. but the weird thing is.. we are CHINESE.. 100% even though we were born and raised and about the 4th generation here.. haha.. but i had NO IDEA where my dad found the name MELICA, i call her MELICKS though, and so does some of her friends

    back to the bag
    its my pleasure to go above and beyond to help you with your decision which i once had to make, and i think i made a very good decision:graucho: . i do like what you have now, but between the two guccis, the second one only has a 3" width, which means that you can fit your laptop, and MAYBE the charger and thats it, probably won't be able to fit other things you might want to put in it. but who am i to talk!! haha.. i am EXTREMELY biased as you can see!! hhehe..keep us updated on your decision though!!!!!! ps... the first gucci is GREAATT!!!!!
  9. ahhh man oh man oh mannnnn you all are great but give me good food for thought :sad:

    I love the bag you have Jaaanice, but is it comfy? because im going to have my lappy, and law books BLAH and notebooks!!!! so i was thinking the messenger bag would give more support and more room!! i dont know why but i felt like that was bigger but i guess not!!!! BLAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh

    Im going to have to go check them out in person!!!

    and i love yoru sisters and your name!!! oh so pretty!
  10. its very comfy.. its got these leahter things that kinda just sits on your shoulder, i did a demonstration for you.. haha.. you got me hooked on taking pix and posting them!! lolx ;)

    #1. Business Law Book approximately 3" thick
    #2. Laptop
    #3. 3 Subject Notebook
    #4. Folders X2
    #5. Wallet

    PS... sorry for being in jammies.. its 3a.m here!! hahaha... and i was still able to move around with all that stuff in my bag, but your best bet IS to go to the store and try it out!!! the measurements are at where you showed the links.. this bag has a width of 5" i believe.. and the other only had 3" or something...:shrugs:
    Image074.jpg Image076.jpg Image072.jpg Image071.jpg Image070.jpg
  11. omg that is so much bigger than i pictured it!!!

    and woah are you in law shcool too?????? and yeah missy where the heck did u get ur pink vaio?? ive been searching for one? So very jealous of you!!!!
  12. i am not that smart..not in law school.. business major.. need business law!!!! :p

    i got it at when the vista first came out 2 months ago!! hehe..i think they still have them.. not so sure though that's the official sony site
  13. law schools not that hard toget into ;) shhh its a secret hahaha

    I love the laptop but my brother (whos paying for it) just refused, in his words "i will not have my sister become the indian version of legally blonde, whats next? Scented papers?"

    haha :sad: damn it, but i just may don my pink suit grab my gavel and try to presuade him otherwise ;) (and yes i really do have a pink skirt suit, complete with little bows, i LOVE it! haha bought it when i was interning in dc!)