Laptop Bag Suggestions

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  1. Need some help to get a hot laptop bag (hopefully hot and laptop bag are not mutually exclusive :P )
    Budget is $500

  2. man, I spent SO LONG looking for a bag when I bought my definitely depends on your personal style, but this was my first choice:

    I chickened out because it didn't look super protective and I wanted something tough (I'm a college student and haul my computer everywhere). So I ended up with a's tough all right (I can drop my machine and not worry) but not as cute.
  3. Thanks .. this is nice but I was looking for something in leather .. isn't there a Paddington of laptop bags ?

    check out the cholet fem laptop bag. gorgeous in red.
  5. Thanks all - some great styles .. i'm spoilt for choice :biggrin:

    keep em coming if you've got anymore
  6. My cousin e-mailed me yesterday asking if I could give her suggestions for a new laptop bag. She is fresh out of school, and works in graphic design. She is a very funky person - hip and cool - but, she is looking for something more professional, but at the same time will appeal to her personality. She hates the standard bags that are from Targus, Dell, whatever computer brands are out there. She currently uses a Timbuk2 messenger bag (to give an idea of what she is like), but will be working in a government agency, and she is really worried about giving off the wrong impression. I suggested that she look at Coach, Tumi, Franklin Covey, Kate Spade, etc. but she hated everything. I even suggested getting a laptop sleeve and a nice tote, but she hates shopping (the horror!!!). So, I'm hoping someone here can offer some cool suggestions. Thanks!
  7. I use the LV messanger bag for my fits perfect and its tooooooo cute! (oh and functional)
  8. I told my friend to get a Coach tote, they come in so many cute colors, you can't go wrong with one!
  9. right.. mmm.. dearest i have this Hedgren laptop bag that served me two years like a slave :love: !! I had been running.. falling down.. and almost flying with it!!
    i like its looks as well.. although mine is the same in the pic i attached -pic from site- (it looks waaay better IRL) and i can take its photos if u like.. but i saw once the black version in store and went nuts!! but i didnt get it!! :cry:
    so about my lovely grey Hedgren.. its cool as far as i see it.. i like how its profisional yet not bussiness man profissional! and i added a nice keyfob to make it a bit fun..
    here is their site if u are interested :amuse:

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