Laptop bag - help!

  1. looking for a laptop bag to travel with - its 15".

    Considering the SAC PLAT or a Goldenbleu Parker tote - anyone own either of these bags and can confirm it would hold a laptop?

    Other suggestions?

  2. bh - i bought mine for college. it fits my 13'' macbook w/ room to spare. however, don't get caught in the rain w/ one. i use my crumpler bag for nasty weather walking.
  3. i love sac plat!
  4. I use a crumpler too as I want to protect my laptop esp when walking:yes:
  5. I use the Monogram Soft Briefcase. It fits my 15" Sony VAIO perfectly.
  6. I like the Vivienne MM.
  7. I just LVoe that one to :biggrin:
  8. ooooh, i love the beauborg. i want to get that for my laptop case
  9. I was thinking the Beaubourg as well! I am planning on buying one soon!
  10. sac plat is lovely, sorry this is not much of any help but, i think it would be stunning and screaming sophistication if i saw a laptop come out of a sac plat.
  11. How about a messenger bag for a laptop?
  12. i used beaubourg for my macbook.
  13. Exactly my thought. If I need a laptop bag the Beaubourg will be my choice.
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    Ooh.. Get the Monogram Beaubourg or the Treillis!! I love them both to death.. and I'll have them soon!!

    Beaubourg.jpg Treillis.jpg
  15. 15" Macbook Pro fits a Sac Plat like a glove. There's no room to spare.