Laptop Bag for Men

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  1. I need some help for a laptop bag for men.

    My biggest concern is wear and tear and stretching that can occur. I have a 15 in mac book pro that I use pretty often and would store a few things in there, such as a laptop charger.

    I am currently in med school and decided to buy a bag. School is hard and I figured that I treat myself. I would use this bag as a daily driver whenever I go to class, but it would not be used in the clinics or hospital. I may buy it used as I would save a lot money. I am open to any print and material.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. I would probably narrow it down to canvas (as opposed to leather) just due to the function(s) and durability you have in mind.. and although as a woman I have no hands-on experience with it, I like the damier graphite District GM a lot on men! (The Porte-Documents bags are very nice too.) Good luck deciding!
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    I found the overnight bag on their website, and was not easy to locate since it is hidden the in luggage section. I like the size and the utility, but I am going to wait for it to come out in the monogram eclipse (fingers crossed that it does eventually come out). After I have seen the monogram eclipse and monogram colbalt, all other prints just seem meh to me. I love these prints and it has been exactly what I have been wanting for 15+ years-a dark masculine version of the monogram.

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  4. Do try out the bag. The overnight is really big.
    DBF has the Icare for his huge laptop.
  5. I am so rabid for the monogram eclipse that I will probably buy whatever piece that has a dedicated laptop insert in it.
  6. I do have a concern for wear and tear, especially cracked canvases. It would be a daily driver that I would use every day. I wouldn't trash it, but I am a dude...