Laptop & Baby bags - What do you think?

  1. Just doing some random browsing and wanted to know what you guys think about these laptop cases off



    Here's the Baby bag, I think it's really cute -

  2. They're not my personal style so much, but of the three I prefer the 1st/top one.
  3. The first one's not bad.

    Has anyone bought David King bags? I like the look of some of their bags.

    Abandonedimages, what do you think?

    Quite a lot of pockets :biggrin:

    David King Leather Luggage Flap Over Expandable Portfolio - $114-95

    Product Description
    Under the front flap, there's a large main section big enough for papers and a notebook computer. Plenty of pockets to organize your work- zippered pockets inside and on the back, and three open pockets on the front. Three pen slots, a calculator pocket and a card pocket help you organize your tools. Removable Hardware fittings are elegantly finished in matte silver11.00"h x 16.50"w x 3.50"d = 603.49 cu." (31 Linear inches) Expanded: 11.00"h x 16.50"w x 3.50"d = 603.49 cu." (31 Linear inches).

    As for baby/diaper bags, I stumbled across this website:
    Mud Pie Boy or Girl Carriage Couture Baby bag - $48-95
  4. David King's got some nice luggage pieces! Great price too.

    Haha, and I'm not having babies anytime soon, but I'm bookmarking that site. Look they've got the cat bag you showed me before -

  5. The second one would definitely be the cutest laptop case I'ver ever seen :biggrin: And I really really like the shape and color scheme of the third one - it's very classy. If you're looking for a laptop bag I'd say the 2nd one.. and if you want a tote bag I'd definitely vote for the third one!
  6. Hi Abandoned -- I've been looking for laptop/book bags too and keep running into baby bags that look like the right size....but I'm not actually having any babies, so don't really want to go with the baby carraige motif or anything. Anyway, I actually saw Kate Spade baby bags promotted as potential laptop cases because you can use the portable changing pad as padding for your laptop! It makes sense...but I'd prefer a new vs. used on in that case;)

    I probably like your first choice best...but maybe because it's so springy looking and the weather is finally getting nice here.

    I also like those last bags that Passerby just put up:smile:
  7. Hi mandm, are you carrying a lot of books as well as your laptop? If so, then the Mango Tango line might not suit you. However, if it's just your laptop and a few books, you might wish to take a look at it (if the bags are sold in stores near you):
    Mango Tango Distressed Faux Leather Laptop bag - $44-99
    Mango Tango Canvas Stripe laptop bag - $39-99
  8. The baby bag is so adorable! But if you are looking for a bag to carry a laptop, have you seen the bags that Talene Reilly does ( They are really well made and stylish to boot.
  9. Abandonedimages: The Cat Bag is cute!!!! Where can I find it?

    Thanks Abandonedimages, Passerby, and everyone for finding and posting them. -)
  10. Mandm, on ebags, US Luggage Business Cases has on sale several laptop bags for women. As usual, if you have the time, please check out the reviews there:
    Women's croc trim - $31-99 sale price
    Material:Microfiber with Faux Croc Trim Size:17.5" x 12.5" x 4.5" Linear inches:34.5"Weight:2 lbs Warranty:Warranty
    Padded computer pocket holds most 15.4"
    Business Organizer pockets keeps items neat
    Zipper extend to base of case allowing full access to tote
    Rear zippered pocket slips over rolling luggage handle for easy carrying
    Includes a ticket pocket for quick access to boarding pass
    Computer tote - $31-99 sale price
    Ballistic nylon computer tote with shoe bag $39-99 sale price
    Lightweight computer tote - $31-99
  11. I would go for a darker color just because they tend to get used very often & not really taken care of as nicely as a handbag