Laptop and Coach owners Unite!!!

  1. I wanted to know if anybody knew if a laptop... lets say an 12" ibook or a 13" macbook would fit into an ergo hobo or the legacy canvas slim flap? the measurements on the site don't specify if it's the inside or not... I don't mind if the fit is snug... anyone??:confused1:
  2. what is that called? what did the dimensions coach gave say?
  3. I wish they made a laptop case :sad:.
  4. I think some women use the diaper bags because they come with the pad that they wrap around the laptop. I think a small notebook with a 10-12" screen could fit in a tote.
  5. the ergo tote?
  6. My SA suggested that when I was looking into a functional schoolbag. It's so gargantuan though and I feel as if my shoulder is going break.
  7. Yes, the large Ergo tote should hold a small laptop. I'm taking pictures now of some totes that I have that easily hold the laptop I'm using right now. Will post them soon.
  8. what about the ergo scarf print tote? it s soo cute!!! i hate laptop bags that scream "look at me I have a laptop in me!!!"... i would like something elegant like the scarf print or even the ali
  9. I'm using a Dell Inspiron, 11 1/2 inches wide and 8 inches tall, weighs maybe 5 pounds. It fits easily into these 3 totes with room to spare.

    The first is a basic tote with zip top enclosure.

    The second is essentially a gallery style tote with Soho flap on the front.

    The third is the shoulder tote.

    Pictures are from my cell phone and a bit dark but hopefully you get some idea. Will post the shoulder tote pics in the second post. Laptop is inside in all of the photos and the open pictures shows how it fits.
    TurquoiseTote.jpg TurquoiseToteOpen.jpg VintageGalleryTote.jpg VintageGalleryToteOpen.jpg
  10. Shoulder tote pics.
    ShoulderTote2.jpg ShoulderToteOpen.jpg
  11. wow ok thanks
  12. Coach makes a few computer cases. Take a peak in the look book or on the website. The Organizer Brief is one.
  13. Awesome. I'll check that out when I get home after this massive week of finals.
  14. I did use my Ergo bag from like 4 years ago to hold my laptop (didn't really hold anything else). That laptop is long was pretty small and got replaced by a bigger one that did NOT fit in my I ended up with a messenger and a booktote and the hamptons business tote for use with my laptop.