Lapono sizing?

  1. Does anyone know how much you have to go up? I've heard half a size to two sizes. I usually wear a 38.5, so ordering a 40.5 seems crazy.

  2. I wear a 8.5 or 9 in regular US shoe, and I got a 40 in my Black suede Lapanos. Usually when I buy heels I get a size 9 so there is a little more room and I can put in a pad under the ball of my foot. Good luck!
  3. One FULL size UP.
    They fit just like the Decollete. So if you wear a 38.5 in CLs you will be a 39.5. I usually wear a 39 in CL's and I tried on the Lapano in a 40 and it fit like a charm. I tried a half size up and it was too tight.
    So go up a full size and you will be ok.