Lapono modeling pics?

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  1. Does anyone have modeling pics of the laponos? I'd like to see what they look like on :flowers:
    And for those of you who've tried them on; How wearable/comfortable are they? Are they sit-and-look-pretty shoes, or would I be able to walk around a bit in them?

    Thanks! :flowers:

  2. Kinda small though, but here is a picture from the outfit thread.
  3. I LOOOVE lapono's!!! they ae one of my fav's but unfortunatley i couldnt find any that fit comfortably, they run SMALL, i usually can fit a 41 tightly, a 41.5 comfortable and 42 is a litle too big, but I couldnt even get my foot into the 41, it was embarressing
  4. Thanks, both of you! :flowers:

    The beige ones are HOT! :nuts:

    The Electric Blue and Plum patent is TDF, but I can't find them anywhere in my size. Also, they probably don't have as much staying power as a black pair.:thinking: I'm really looking for a pair I can get some wear out of, and because of the climate here, boots is my best option. I just fell in love with a pair of satin pumps, though, and I'm really really tempted to get them, but I know I'll probably wear them once at most, and I've promised myself that I wont buy more designer shoes that I'll only wear 0-1 times. I could wear the satin pumps to a wedding this summer, though (which would justify getting them :P), but they don't match any of my new dresses (I've already purchased more than a dozen dresses during January sales, and if I get the shoes I'm going to have to get a dress that will go with them, which will be a pain seeing as I can't wear black or red or white (I guess that also includes shades of cream and grey ?) But on the other hand, I really love the wine patent Rolandos, and I'd probably get more wear out of them than the satin Decollettes, so maybe I should hunt for a pair of Rolandos instead :thinking: But a black pair would go with pretty much all my new dresses... Ah, dilemmas, dilemmas...


    Sorry for the rant :sweatdrop:
  5. I wish there was a Louboutin boutique here, it's hard to know what size to order since the sizing differs between the styles (actually, I should probably be glad that there's no Louboutin boutique -or at least my bank account should be :P)

    I really really love the purple (plum?) Laponos. The color looked different in an ebay auction I saw recently than the pics from NAP, they were just gorgeous!


  6. wow those magenta Laponos look like very different colors in those two photos.

    In the end you are right getting something more versatile like black that works with your wardrobe is a better choice but it doesnt hurt to add some color once in a while especially if you have already outfits that work with them or if you already have black boots.

    The laponos typically 1 full size small but are more comfortable than some of the other CL booties out there.
  7. I have the black ones and I love them. They aren't super comfortable for walking for long periods, but they aren't too bad. I have pads in mine to make them a little more comfy.

    If you search through the CL outfit thread I know I've posted some with Laponos.
  8. I do have a couple of other pairs of black ankle boots. Sadly, the magenta is nowhere to be found in my size, same goes for the electric blue. After seeing Zophie's pics, I think I've settled for the black patent, supposing that I can find a pair my size. I thought maybe the leather ones would be more comfortable than the patent, but the patent is more striking, IMO. :flowers:

    I found the pics, thanks! :flowers: What kind of pads do you have in them? The gel kind that goes under the ball of the foot?

    I decided against getting the satin Decollettes that I debated earlier (I think... :upsidedown:) so I just ordered a pair of black suede Rolandos. They'll go great with whatever dress I chose to wear to the wedding I'm attending this summer (unless someone tells me that there's a rule against black shoes/accessories at weddings too, then I'll have no choice but the get the Decollettes :graucho:)
  9. lynn has the lapano's too. i love them, they're gorgeous
  10. Here's me in mine! They aren't the best in comfort, but their beauty makes up for that.

    Definitely size up though. They run small. I use a heel pad to make up for my generous size.

  11. :girlsigh:

    about sums me up when i look at your lapano's jsg!
  12. I have tried a couple different kinds of pads. Now I have the gel kind, but I think they go the whole length of the shoe because I needed the ones for the ball of the foot for another pair, but I had the smaller ones originally.

    Oh, and I get compliments on these shoes all the time, more than any other shoes I've owned. I say it's a good decision to buy them!
  13. I love my black suede Lapanos, my feet HATE them, and men think they are HOT. I wear a 40 in most CLs and my size 40 Lapanos a size too small, but I love them so much I had to keep them!!! I got it on sale for half off and they only had the 40 left, so I have stretched the h*ll out of it and they are tolerable now. My toes still get a little numb when I wear them for a long time! I just drink more wine. :drinkup:

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  14. ^ LOL Lynn, you're hilarious!