Lapis Mini Mini is here!

  1. TXCoachGirlie, do you have a MAM that you could put it next to? Sorry to be so demanding hehehe :biggrin:

  2. Seems like it....but the leathers are all different textures. :smile:
  3. Wish is your favorite blue? Did you answer that somewhere already?
  4. AHHH! I didn't realize that the Lapis was more blue than purple - I don't know what I was thinking. Now I kinda sorta really want one, but I know they're probably sold out =[
  5. Hey TXCoach-

    Do you like the Nautical Blue or Lapis leather better? Please be honest!
  6. I like the Lapis leather better. But if you ask me if I like Lapis or Navy Luxe, that would be harder to choose between. It's pretty much a tie for me. I like Navy Luxe in a nikki a lot!
    The nautical blue leather isn't as much of a fave so to speak because it's that stamped leather. Lapis is smooth and shimmery (in sunlight), and NL has is about the same but with texture and shade variations.
  7. I have one, but it's already put away in the storage spot! You can see how it sizes up next to a mac and a nikki though. :smile:
  8. I like the Lapis and Navy Luxe best. I can't choose between them!
  9. Those comparison pics are INCREDIBLE. Thank you so much!! Lapis is growing on me...
  10. FYI- I just tried the long strap doubled up in 2 ways as a shoulder strap, and it works just fine! You can put both kitehooks on one end or join them up in the middle and have them on the top of your shoulder.
    I also tried my NB mac strap doubled looks good that way also!
  11. OH that's awesome! Thanks for the 411! I wish I knew if mine was shipping out soon or not. I am beyond excited!!
  12. :faint: That is awesome.

    Request - Can you show the straps doubles. You don't have to model it but maybe hang it from a door knob or something.
  13. Yes! I knew this would work! Thank you for trying it out and verifying it!!! I am sooooo excited about my MM now!!!
  14. TX thanks for all the comparison pics! I just added them to the RL!

    I would love to see the strap doubled up! I thought that when Luv posted the coral MM but i just couldnt figure it out!
  15. The Nautical Blue leather isn't stamped. I'm confused.