Lapis Mini Mini is here!

  1. where.. i dont see it? Do you mean now?
  2. Too cute and the color is beautiful!!!

  3. I don't have the camera at the moment, but the leather is smooth and semi-soft. :smile:
  4. I don't do modeling pics, but there are some modeling pics in the coral thread. :okay:
  5. Soon there will be! Hopefully in a month or less mini minis will have taken over the handbag world! :nuts:
  6. I got it on LB...they had Lapis and Black. There are links for MMs but they are for future orders. I don't know why there weren't more released all at once. Maybe to create a MM frenzy??

  7. I see that you haven't bought a bag in 10 days. It might be time to pre-order one of these babies then? :graucho:
  8. I took ms mini mini out for a spin tonight! I left the strap on in case I wanted to wear it crossbody, but I didn't really need to. So next time I think I will leave the strap off and carry it on my arm or in my hand. The strap is long and has to be held up if you're not using it. Or you could roll it up and put it in the bag for when you do need it.
  9. Do you know of any preorder links for future MMs? I tried emailing them but I think they're getting lost or something.
  10. Do you prefer it cross body, or can you wear it with the long strap just hanging off your shoulder?

    I can't really do cross body due to my boobage. I mean, I can, but I'm all self conscious about it.

    I'm still trying to figure out what color I want.
  11. I know what the black one is, but that's a special order. I haven't played with the numbers lately to see if I can dig up more links on LB. If you get a link for one color, you can find the rest. They seem to only give one or 2 out at a time, so just ask for a link to wine or even seaglass.
  12. ^^ Me too SS, now that Coral is impossible to find and Plum won't be out for ages I'm trying to decide which color I want. I want one ASAP but I want it to be right!

    Thanks TX! I hope my mails aren't lost and they answer in the next few days. Usually they're so quick about it. They were having issues with AOL emails going through though so I hope it's not that again.
  13. SUPERcute!
  14. It will be below my hip if I wear it on the shoulder. It's not toooo bad, but a bit long for me. I'm 5'6", so maybe the taller girls can wear it on the shoulder.
    The strap didn't seem to cut into my bust when I was wearing it crossbody and I have the 'boobage'

    I think I will just carry it in my hand/arm for awhile...that's usually how I carry the mam/mab anyway.

    I think my next one of these will be plum! I can't have just one...