Laparoscopic Surgery???

  1. a friend of mine is trying to get preggy. She has already done the HSG and now the dr suggest her to get Laparoscopic Surgery done.

    has any one done this procedure before? if so how was it? painful? when did you go home? back to work?
  2. I had it twice - I have severe endometriosis, and had endometriomas (cysts). Also ttc for over 6 years. We did these surgeries before IVF cycles. Surgery is not too bad. Took at least 3 days off ofter the surgeries. It is pretty painful after just because it's in the abdominal area, so anything using abs is hard. But, the day after I was up walking around, just very slowly. Unfortunately, it did not help us. I will keep my fingers crossed for your friend!
  3. oh - same day sugery - in and out the same day....
  4. I had the traditional kind (which open your belly up) and the laparoscopic. The laparoscopic is the less painful one. They make 3 tiny incisions -- one on the belly button, two on the sides. It took me 4 to 5 days (bedrest) to recover with lots of painkillers! But it's considered a small surgery and if you can get up and walk to the bathroom, you can go home. It is less invasive and pretty fast in recovery. I went back to work in 1.5 weeks. The old one took me 4 weeks to go back to work, and I was 10 years younger at that time.

    The worst part is the bowel movement part, they have to prescribe stool softener! :lol:

    There isn't any scars and I can wear bikini ;)
  5. I had laparoscopic surgery about a year ago. I had suspected endometriosis beforehand, and with the surgery they confirmed Stage IV endo. They lasered as much of it as they could, but some they didn't try because of the location.

    The surgery itself was not bad. I had it late on a Monday afternoon, went home the same evening, and was back at work that Friday. In retrospect, I probably would have stayed out the whole week because I was pretty tired that Friday, but I'm on my feet a lot at work. It probably wouldn't have been bad otherwise. Really, the whole thing wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. They gave me pain medicine, which I used a little the first day or so, and then it was really just soreness, which was tolerable. I have also had a C-section, and the laparoscopic surgery wasn't nearly as bad pain-wise.

    My tip for abdominal surgery - see if you can get some simethicone (over the counter or from your doctor). I had really bad shoulder pain with both of my surgeries which was actually gas, weirdly enough. Pain medicine didn't touch it, but simethicone made it go away. This can especially happen in laparoscopic surgery because they pump your abdomen full of air. They take it out at the end, but can't get it all out, and the pain often refers to the shoulders.