Lapano black patent size 35 $323 @ Saks

  1. Lapano patent.jpg
  2. Last week the metallika popped up in my size and I was tempted because I have wanted it since the summer, but I stopped myself because I am trying to be good.
  3. Do the metalilka run really small like the decolletes?
  4. Ack! I have recently fallen in love with these. Too bad my foot is a size 10 :rolleyes:
  5. I have them in black suede, but they definitely run small. Go up a size.....
  6. I had to take my Decollete 868 size for Metallika. For Lapono I found it to run smaller than even Metallika (Lapono was truly painful to walk in for me for some reason).
  7. Thanks foxy. I think I like the Metallika better than the Lapono.
  8. It kills me that these have been on sale. I paid full price for them right when the store first got them. But I do wear them a bunch so I guess it was worth it.
  9. Gone already! They were in my size too... :crybaby: