1. Ooh! I asked about this brand a while back too and not too many people responded for some reason. I guess isnt very popular around here. I like LAPA bags, but I'm not familiar with the quality or anything, sorry. I like the style you chose.
  2. yes, I saw that you asked when I did a search on LAPA bags. Thank you for posting a reply!

    For the record, I've bought quite a few things from Forzieri, including a leather bag of their own brand, and they've all been excellent. So, I guess I'm kind of answering my own question! However, I've decided I want a Mulberry choco bag - bayswater or phoebe - and will wait for that instead.
  3. I know this thread is old, but used the search function.. Rather than starting a new thread, I'm just bumping this one up.
    I found a bag online by L.A.P.A. that I like quite a bit, and they seem to have some other cute ones.
    The trouble is I really like to feel and pick up and hold handbags before I buy, rather than just viewing online.. It seems like this may not be possible with this brand?

    Does anyone know if there are any L.A.P.A. stores or any stores that stock the brand; does anyone have a brand by this designer and have any feedback?

    TIA :smile: