Lap Top Bags

  1. Hi guys,

    Anyone know any nice stores that have nice lap top bags that aren't expensive? Show pics & prices, please!
  2. Chanel_Diva--there are lots of threads on this, so you may want to do a search. What price range are you thinking of?
  3. There is a thread of this in Deals and Steals, and actually I had suggested there,, the THIN bags were on sale then, but limited in color and sizes, but now they've come out with new colors and all sizes are available again since they made it with new colors. But you should do a search for the other threads about this, the ladies here have given many great suggestions!
  4. Um, I did search. & I only found one thread...
    I doubt it's illegal to post a similar thread.

    I was thinking in between $40-$70
  5. No, it's not illegal to post another thread--I just wanted you to make sure saw them. I will find some and post them.
  6. try or
  7. Case Closed bags are great in that price range (the Bob one, I think)
  8. I just read about this bag:
    Urban Junket Judith

    It is going to be available in the next few weeks and I guess a lot of stars are already buying them up. It looks really well organized and super cute. The price is pretty good as well.
  9. P.S. Target actually did have some cute laptop cases
  10. Kate blogs about laptop bags and she mentions where you can purchase some of them. Check it out here: