1. which designers actually make lanyards? and if you use them, which one do you use?

    i am thinking about getting a lanyard, but i remember when i bought my phone i put the included one on the phone to see how it looked, and something looked off.

    if any of you have lanyards on your phones, can i see pictures of how they look on your phone?
  2. I know coach and LV make some.

    My phone(Treo 650) doesn't have a place to attach a lanyard
  3. I *finally* got pics to work's mine, it's from coach, and, I :heart: it!! Mainly b/c it matches my phone :biggrin:

    phones 1.jpg


    The lanyard danges nicely from the right side of the phone, but, sometimes I'm worried that I'm gonna break it because the strap it's on is so thin!
  4. Very cute! I've been wanting a COACH lanyard, I was just looking at some last night. My phone is black though so I'm not sure which one I want to get for it.
  5. hey ya
    i dont have a designer lanyard... i've got a DC shoes lanyard that holds my keys! its my most fav. thing in the entire world... well apart from bags!!! I dont have a lanyard on my phone... but some days it probably would be good to have one since i can never find my phone when it rings!
    i would go with the LV White MC one... its so cute!!
  6. abandoned - I love the coach lanyards! I got that particular one for my birthday and it's just so adorable, and very summery!! :biggrin: They had some really cute ones at the store near me, I think they're the same ones as their website ;)