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  1. I have four lanyards and they all look like this one ...none of them has a metal tag.
    Thay can vary in the color of the hardware...some silver toned, others brunita (dark matte)
    hardware. You'll have a greater choice of strap and hardware colors in the BV boutique itself than online.
  2. Thanks...would you say they work well as a key ring and where do you keep yours...around bag handles or inside?
  3. I wrap them around the bag handles.
    I actually have a separate keyring which I can attach and detach from the different lanyards using the hook. Some people dedicate certain keys to certain lanyards...I use diffferent colored lanyards on different bags..too much trouble to unhook and rehook keys each time. I use mine to easily fish out my keys from my larger bags, plus they are decorative if in complimentary or contrasting colors.