Lanvins - can you get them for less?

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  1. I recently tried on a pair of Lanvins. They seemed very comfie but the price tag was quite steep. Are there websites or stores that sell them for a bit less? I am hesitant to splurge on such expensive shoes without knowing for sure that they will work for my weird feet (I just got a few pairs of Tory Burch and they are killing me)
  2. From what I've been reading on this site, they seem to go on sale at the end of each season. I think May and June would be the next sale time. Someone also wrote about getting a pair at Nordstrom for 40% off during their mid-July sale.
  3. I just bought a pair of Lanvin Sneakers, current style, at for 50% off but unfortunately they were 1/2 size too big and I had to return them :cry: I wonder how crazy I would be to go buy them at full price at Barney's? (they have my size) :noggin:
  4. I've always found them on sale at Barney's.
  5. really? how often do they have sales? i feel like each time there's a sale, my size will already be sold out. have you had that problem?
  6. I believe they have sales twice a year.

    I just got a pair a few weeks ago during final markdowns at Barneys. They were 60% off.
  7. I had good luck at nordstroms during the sale- I got one pair 60% plus an additional 10% off- so I ended up paying 201.00!!!!
  8. Look on Bonanzle and Ebay.
  9. they go on sale. the crazy styles and not popular color go on sale at the end of the season, but recently barneys has been holding on to the more conservative ones for at least another season. nordstrom and bergdorf reliably puts their shoes on sale. also check out zoe, kirna zabete, mytheresa, luisa via roma, and you can even contact Lanvin directly. whether your size is available during sales is another matter. i'm a bit bummed now that i take lanvin TTS because stores never order 5.5 and if they do, they only onder 1 pair. :girlsigh: saves me money, i guess.
  10. If you live near a Barneys outlet, I was able to get a pair of Lanvin flats for $100 once
  11. Wow! I'd love to get my hands on a pair for less. Does anyone know which Nordstroms has Lanvin? Is there a thread for sales on Lanvin? I want to be on the lookout when they go on sale the next time at Barneys or Nordstroms. Thanks!
  12. I never seem to catch the deals in stores so I get mine from Ebay.
  13. Yep, you can sometimes get them on sale, but it is hard! It seems like my size is always sold out by the time a sale happens. The seasonal styles will go on sale, but if you are looking for plain black leather or black patent, I don't think you will find them on sale.
  14. i sometimes come across a few pairs of patterned lanvin flats on outnet.. usually not desirable solid colors though.