Lanvin, true to size?

  1. i want to order a pair of lanvin ballet flats and I would like to know if they are true to size or you should size up. I am a true 7, so what do you all think? thanks!:p
  2. I'm a 9 in JC and CL and bought a 9 in both my pairs of Lanvins so yes I would say they run true to size.....beware, they are terribly addictive and I'm currently eyeing up a red pair.

    What colour are you looking at?
  3. oh that's great b/c i was hoping they were true to size b/c the store doesnt have a 7.5, I'm just looking at plain black b/c it will be my first pair, do you have any london soles or delmans? I am also something that will give me a little bit of height but is still considered a flat. any suggestions? thanks again !!
  4. tts according to me
  5. pretty much.. i'm usually a 38.5 but had to get a 39 because they didn't have a 38.5 and they are a little big..
  6. I'm usually a 7.5 in American sizes and took a 38 in the perforated black Lanvin flats.

    I tried on a 38 in the tan leather ones and it slipped off me. It helps to try on each individual color.
  7. thanks again for the input everyone. . .also how is the availability of the flats size wise in Barneys and bergdoffs and other retailers that sell lanvins

    also how much do they retail for (regular ones)?

    thanks again
  8. Barneys seems to vary with what they have and the website has more stock than the actual store.

    My black patent ones were $515 and my silver ones were £265 ($530)

    I don't have London Soles or Delmans as I've found most other styles of ballet pumps to be very uncomfortable and since discovering Lanvin I'd rather spend more and know I'll have no problems
  9. Thanks mooks, wow you should advertise for Lanvin b/c you just convinced me right there to def go get a pair, i'll start with black and then work my way around the rainbow :smile:
  10. I'd LOVE to work for Lanvin!!
  11. me too :nuts:

    french sole aren't bad comfort wise, but lanvins are :heart:
  12. I think they vary from person to person. I tried on a couple of pairs when I was in Paris and they did not fit me right. I have a very narrow heel and the backs kept slipping off.
  13. thanks again everyone, good info :smile:
  14. hi all

    i did a search but nothing came up regarding the fit of lanvin heels. there were some threads about the lanvin flats that seemed to indicate that lanvins run small...

    there is a pair of high heels by lanvin that i am very much interested in for the fall and i fear that i may have to order them over the internet... so, my question is: any of you lucky ladies own lanvin heels? how do they run?

    thanks for your help...
  15. My Lanvin heels run TTS as do my flat sandals...HTH! :tup: