Lanvin-to buy or not to buy?Opinion plz!!

  1. I like the Lanvin!
  2. I vote for Chanel. They look very comfortable, and super cute :nuts:
  3. I like those Lanvins! (And I usually don't like their flats ... I'm just not really a fan of ballerina flats in general.)
  4. Chanel for me! I love Lanvins but those aren't really my style. I love Chanel flats too. Very comfy.
  5. I like both. I think I like the Lanvin better but if your clothes are more conservative maybe the Chanel.

    I have the Chanel and I think they run pretty narrow. My feet, which admittedly are a bit wide, are more comfortable in Lanvin. I don't know how your feet are but it's something to consider.
  6. Chanel. The Lanvins are cute, but you probably won't want to wear them a few months from now.
  7. I have both the Chanel and the Lanvin, except my Lanvin is satin with the black tie. The Chanel is super comfy, the Lanvin is super cute. Both pairs run small. I went up 1/2 size on the Chanel and full size up on the Lanvin.

    BTW, the silver crackled Lanvin looks like aluminum foil IRL, seriously!
  8. Thankx all for your opinions..which is half split between Chanel and Lanvin..!!!
    I already have the chanel ballerines in pink though,which is why I'm more inclined towards the Lanvin.But the Chanel pair's just gorgeous!!The Lanvin is also comfy.I tried them on yesterday.There was a gold pair but I figure that silver would be easier to match with my clothing.
  9. I usually prefer Lanvin, however in this style, I will have to go for Chanel one..
  10. I vote for the Lanvin, theyre different - I almost think the Chanel has too much going on btwn the cap toe & the detail at the heel - love both though
  11. Definitely The Lanvin!!!!! Gorgeous....I Think I Am Going To Order A Pair!!!!!
  12. The Lanvins are pretty but the Chanels are more classic.
  13. i tried the chanels on they were uncomfortable
  14. Lanvin everytime! Less conservative than the Chanel, great directional statement shoe and insanely comfy