Lanvin Sizing Question

  1. Can someone please fill me in on Lanvin sizing. I am thinking of ordering a pair of pumps online but not sure what size to get. I normally wear a size 8, but can range between 7.5 - 9 depending on the designer. Anyone have any suggestions?

    The shoe is a closed round toe pump. Any comparisons to CL sizing is appreciated. TIA!
  2. Lanvin runs true to size! so an 8 will be fine.

    Its the flats right?
  3. Most Lanvin pumps this season (and also last) come in whole sizes only. Several of the best, quickly-selling-out styles (cone heels) from last season ran small. Some run true to size. I'd say it would depend on the style really.
  4. I have a pair of the Mary Jane pump, I got it in a 6. I'm a size 5.5 usually.
  5. Most Lanvin's run pretty true to european size. Last season, I had to size up on the ever popular patent sandals with cone heels, and another pair of satin sandals also in the cone heel, but only because they were cut narrow. I'm not sure if it's a function of just those shoes, or if Lanvin is putting out narrower shoes. Good luck!