Lanvin satin ballet flats

  1. i looked on ebay but they dont have my size i am a european 40 just wondering if anybody had any idea where i could get them
  2. What's the retail on lanvin flats?
  3. I saw a pair of patent black leather ones for about $550.
  4. Satin is a little less expensive then Patent or lamb leather, satin is $420-$450
    depending on where you purchase them.
  5. yes but where can i get them other than ebay
  6. do these flats have any support in the sole? Just curious as they look so flexible and comfy but I tend to get sore feet if I don't have enough support in flats. Thanks!
  7. ^^there is sort of a built in heel, which makes them much more comfortable than your average flat. they are super comfortable, but if you need arch support you might want to consider some sort of insoles.

    the best thing to do is have sole savers (a thin layer of rubber) put on the bottom. just stop by any shoe repair place and have them put on the bottom (it's not something you can do yourself). usually costs around 15 bucks.
  8. Thank you sooo much i wanted the green ones as well:biggrin: