Lanvin Pearl Ring

  1. I didn't know Lanvin made jewelry but I loooooooooove pearls, aside that it's my birthstone, but good god! Look at the size of this, it's on and the pearl looks gigantic! Definitely meant to be a cocktail piece I think, : sigh : :yes:

  2. It's gorgrous I think.
  3. so pretty! i love lanvin jewelry!
  4. I love how the wings wrap
  5. so stunning!! here'smore info

    Pearl Strass ring


    This cocktail ring by Lanvin features a large pearl surrounded on both sides by small crystal encrusted wings. The silver ring is hand made.

  6. Lanvin has some pretty costume jewelry, but way too pricy imo.
  7. Interesting look to it. Beautiful!
  8. Very pretty... I love it!
  9. I am trying to buy the Lanvin Pearl Strass Ring, its the large pearl with the swarovski wings, it is proving very difficult, can anyone help please???

  10. I love this ring! Any luck lofthouse?
  11. What a pretty ring! I love the setting, reminds me of a beautiful antique piece....
  12. Wow that really is beautiful!
  13. wow thats beautiful!! lanvin's jewelry is overpriced for my liking though...too bad!!
  14. this ring is a great conversation piece .... very nice~