Lanvin Outlet in France?

  1. Hello I was wondering if anyone knows any Lanvin Outlet's in France? My better half is obessed with Lanvin so I was wondering if they even have outlets.
  2. Bumping this because I'd love to know as well!
  3. Thank you for trying to bump this up, but I still haven't got any answers.
  4. i doubt there is a lanvin outlet at all...they keep production very small.

    it's hard enough tracking down the rtw; i doubt there is ever much leftover.
  5. thank you for your help.
  6. last year when i was on holiday in paris, i found an address of a lanvin outlet. Lanvin Soldes Trois (3 Rue de Vienne)
    but they have closed it. you should have seen the look of face standing in front of an empty store!:wtf:
    took me ages to find it.
    try eBay, you might snatch something!
  7. ^^^oh what a shame! I probably would have burst into tears. I love lanvin so much. Does anyone know if they are planning on opening a store in the US?
  8. I also dragged my husband this past spring to the Trois soldes and there was no sign of Lanvin there... The only thing I can suggest is going to Paris during their biannual sale season. Good luck!
  9. When does Paris start their sales (F/W and S/S)? TIA!
  10. Thank you for your help, if I happen to come across anything I will definately let you know, but so sad they closed the Lanvin Outlet my better half will be very upset.
  11. actually when I was looking for Lanvin's Outlet on their website I came across a store in New York here is the info:
    142 Greene Street
    New York, New York 10012
    Phone Number: 646-619-9542

    I do know that they are planning to open a store in Athens, Greece.
  12. is this store in new york an outlet shop?
    the lanvin outlet was my last hope to find something nice in paris. of course they had to close it!!:cursing:
    anyway , outlet shopping in paris is a sheer madness.
    didn´t find one decent store.
  13. i believe that address is where their office is.
  14. you could try calling the number and ask if there is an outlet somewhere in the world.
  15. yes, i think this is the ny showroom/offices.

    to the OP, LVR often has a good bit of lanvin in their sale selection. not always tons, and not always the best selection of sizes, but it's worth a try.