Lanvin on sale at Nordstrom's

  1. I just wanted to let y'all know I was in the Northpark Nordstrom in Dallas today checking out the Anniversary Sale, and there was a table of Lanvin handbags on sale (at least eight different styles) at 60% off. I didn't see in Kentucky or Kansas, but I was very tempted by a blue Hero. Oh yeah, and they also had several Devi Kroell handbags as well.
  2. Thanks for info buksgrrl ~
    Did you see any Patent Lavin with canvas starp???
  3. No patent leather from what I recall. They had some styles I'd never seen one that appeared to be lined with shearling. It looked like an UGG and Lanvin had a lovechild. But they also had a really cute silver evening bag and several larger handbags in black and blue and tan.
  4. I saw a suede Lanvin bag at the Dallas Galleria store on the sale table. It seemed out of place to me. Maybe it was a return from the Northpark store.