lanvin on sale at nm short hills

  1. i saw two kansas (one brown and one black, both with the silver chain straps), at least one kentucky, and a few black hero/heroine styles as well. i think they were all about 30% off. 973-912-0080. good luck!
  2. Also the toll free number for Short Hills NM is 877-777-5321. In case your out of state.
  3. Thanks for the info!!!
    Cant wait to stop by now!
  4. Has anyone seen any more of the Lanvin Kansas in BLACK LEATHER (with BROWN straps & dual handles, removable SILVER chain) at NM anywhere? Or any store ANYWHERE? I am sooooo desperate for that bag it's not even funny.

    I'd called Alicia at NM Short Hills about it and she put one on-hold for me while I waited for to email me the digits to my NM gift cards (rarely shop at NM so I don't have NM or Amex charge....always a hassle having to go online and buy the GC's). Well as soon as I got my gift card numbers and called NM Short Hills back, my bag was sold to another customer :crybaby: And I'm now stuck with over $1k in NM gift cards purchased just for this bag (and I rarely, rarely buy from NM unless it's an item exclusive to them).

    That was the last one showing (in that exact color/style) in the NM nationwide computer database. And Barneys sold-out of that bag (in black) full-price long time ago......getting pretty hopeless now.... :crybaby:

    If anyone spots a black leather Lanvin Kansas (with brown straps/handles), please please let this desperate woman know. TIA!
  5. This is what the bag looks like: