Lanvin Like flats

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  1. I am dying for a pair of lanvin like flats in boho bronze. I can't find a great pic that really shows the color, but Reese witherspoon has them and so does Naomi Watts. Does anybody know of any knock off type lanvin ballet flats that are that beautiful scrunched up style in a bronze color? I have looked everywhere and can just find some shiny gold colors that are not attractive.
  2. I know that Saks did a similar style as I saw them at their outlet at Woodbury Common, might be worth checking to see if they have them in store
  3. the target flats hurt. i just tried them on and they hurt after about 2 seconds. sue london flats have no support, so if you have high arches, forget them.

    the best lanvin alternative is the j.crew marsala, but i'm not sure it's still in production. there are always loads on ebay and they made a dark bronze called bark.
  4. The shape's different but I'm a major fan of Arche Laius shoes. Excellent, soft leather, they last forever and they've very comfortable. They're also on sale dirt cheap (for Arche shoes) and come in nice metallics. I must have them in ten colors that I've collected over the years. I've worn the black Nubuck pair year-round for at least 6-7 years and they still look new.

    Here's a link:
  5. I agree, the Target flats do hurt, but I bought a pair of heel grips for about $3.00 and the problem was solved! I love them and with the heel grips they are very comfortable. Such a great buy!:tup:
  6. I have 2 pair of the Target flats but I cannot wear them bc they hurt so bad. What are heel grips and where can I get some?! :P
  7. I have a pair of metallic ballet flats from Old Navy (that I got a couple of years ago). They're really comfortable -- I wish I'd gotten about five pairs!

    They have this style in different patterns/colors every season -- you might want to see if they have any metallics for spring.
  8. I love love sue london ballet flats. They are so cute and comfy! They come in tons of colors. However they might not have your size in stock right now so get on the waiting list because they are very popular!