Lanvin leopard round to pumps...are these still available????

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  1. I've been searching everywhere for these shoes...
    are these still out there...and where??:crybaby: please anyone?? me..

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  2. what size are you?
  3. I'm normally a 7.5-8.. certain shoes sometimes even a 38.5...
  4. Those are hot shoes...hope you find them!
  5. yes...I hope so!!!
  6. Those are my "Holy Grail" shoes, or at least one of the "holy grail" styles I've been looking for! IMO they are THE most perfect leopard print pumps. They are from Lanvin's Fall/Winter 2005 season and sold-out long before that season was even over -- only a few stores got them to begin with; I think Satine (in LA), Jeffrey (in NY), etc. Nicole Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Kate Moss etc. have all been photographed in I guess they are pretty scarce/high-in-demand items now. I've been eBay-stalking these since fall 2005 and counted only a total of 3-4 pairs (in various sizes) popping up during all this time. Never in a 36 or 35.5 (my size) :sad: I guess the lucky few who got these are reluctant to give them up; well, I can understand why!
  7. wow! okay, just made my day a whole lot brighter...:crybaby: :crybaby:
    geez,, I guess I'm going to start ebay stalking them too... hope one day they pop up in my size...I thought they were more current than 05...:shame:

    Thanks for your help!!!:heart: