Lanvin Kentucky totes on sale at Nordies...

  1. I stumbled upon a table today in Nordies... with Lanvin!

    They had the Kentucky tote ... pictured below - my purchase is a "nero".. although it ranges in tones from deep navy blue to charcoal grey and then some black... depending on the light. The handles are a nice deep brown leather and the messenger strap is very military-like olive green thick thick canvas and sturdy.

    The leather on this is amazing - it's very thick and slouchy, and *not* shiny - more like the feel of a brushed suede but the strength of a very thick and hearty leather.

    Comes in black (nero), taupe, and chocolate. I don't have pix of these... but you can call over there - the table only went out a couple hours b4 I walked by... what luck! There was another style too, which was 1/2 the height of this bag with a zipper-top. I don't know the style name.

    Anyway price was $1795 - I purchased for $865! :nuts:

    If you like it... Call Andrea - phone is (818) 884-6761. Ask for handbags.
    P5240006_PBI.JPG P5240008_pb.JPG
  2. Congrats - it's awesome! A beautiful style that can be worn forever!!

    Nordstroms is coming to Honolulu next year - I can't wait!!!
  3. You lucky gal! Looks beautiful....well done :tup:
  4. cute!Congrats on a great deal!
  5. Beautiful Lanvin!
  6. Congrats! It's such a timeless bag.
    Just curious have you seen the same style in all leather Chocolate brown?
  7. i love lanvin, it looks amazing on you, and what an incredible deal! and thanks so much for posting the info!
  8. Yes, it was there in chocolate brown... I have to say though, I am usually a chocolate brown girl - I never deviate... and with this bag, I thought the nero really stood out compared to the brown which just completely blended - the straps didn't stand out, nor the long strap - so I went for the nero!! But the chocolate was pretty!!!

    Thank you all for your kind comments!! I tried it on again last nite, and she's soooo squishy and soft I can't wait to take her out!!! :yes:
  9. Thanks for posting this! I'm on a shopping ban, but I've been drooling over this bag so such a long time! I called and they're sending the Kansas (the smaller one that you saw) in blue over to me! I can't wait to see it! :yahoo:

    The only strange thing is that it's more expensive than the Kentucky, even though it's smaller? She said retail was around $1800 and it's marked to $940? I guess I'll see once it gets here.
  10. You know, when I searched the kentucky last nite, everywhere I searched said the price should be $1595 or thereabouts - but Nordies original price was $1795 or something like that... then I realized the bags I was looking at online had different leather - or were metallic -- the one I bought at Nordies is a gorgeous no-shine matte leather that feels like a brushed leather/suede... I think the Nordies bags are a better quality than what we've seen - a different leather, and I think you'll be happy w/it once you get it.

    Please post pix when you do!
  11. Oh wow, great deal! I'll definitely be checking out the bag section at Nords when i go tomorrow (they also carry Lanvin!) Thanks for sharing :O)
  12. Aw I want the Kansas so bad! I'm jealous! The Kentucky is too big for me (im only 5'2) but the Kansas would be perfect..I would be a little nervous to buy one sight unseen though. I don't think the Nordies near me carry Lanvin...
  13. Oh, ok. Thanks for letting me know. I'll definitely post pics when I get it (though she said it will be a week or so).
  14. Yeah, I'm 5'4", so I went for the Kansas instead of the Kentucky. I was a little nervous about buying it unseen too, esp cause I've only seen the Kentucky IRL, so I got them to send the bag to my Nordstroms where I can try it on first before buying it.

    Maybe if you call around you can find another one that's on sale and do the same thing? It's really a great deal - 50% off a gorgeous, classic bag!
  15. great deal!