Lanvin Kansas ???

  1. Do any of you know anything about this designer? have i been living under a rock?
  2. Lanvin is a luxury Parisian brand. I believe that the Kansas is a particular bag style. But it's hard to find photos of the bags. My local Nordstrom carries them and I believe there are NM and Barneys that carry the brand also. is their website. They don't have very many purses, but I know that the Kansas is always mentioned as an "it" bag, but I have yet to see one! I think TFS has posts on it.
  3. ^^You mean she was trying to sell her bag or she has one too? I found the auction after searching on tFS. I guess it was being sold for under retail--which seems a lot to me for what looks like a tote bag...
  4. I think the leather is supposed to be really nice. Plus it is an Alber Erbaz design I think, people are really fond of collecting his stuff. I really love the distinctive hanging coin emblem on it, the rest of the bag is not as interesting to me...

    Overall, I still want it though :biggrin: :amuse:
  5. yeah, that's the same bag lila used as her pic. i dunno if she was just using it as an example or not. i dunno, but carries lanvin and they had a similar bag, i don't know if it was exactly the same. it was close, though.
  6. The Lanvin Vintage Kansas is apparently a hot bag here in Aus. But until one of my friends said she was selling hers, I was like, Huh?? Wha? Which?:lol: Anyway I did some lurking on tFS to see what news there was of it and found this LiLo pic. I can't remember now who posted it there but that's where I sourced it from.. hope it's ok:shame:.
  7. I have this bag - it's beautiful. The leather is very thick and nice and soft and squishy! I had never heard of it until I saw Reese Witherspoon carrying a velvet one - I fell in love, found the TFS thread, and had to have one....:love: It's a keeper! And unique which I like...
  8. I don't know if it was Lila's bag or if she was using it as an example or not. However, the bag IS gorgeous! Lanvin sounds like an expensive name, I wonder how much this bag costs? anyone knows?
  9. The bag is a gorgeous bag and the leather is quite nice.
  10. Funny you mention that, I just finished reading that thread.. WOW

    I was just going to post here, isnt that the stolen bag :smile:

  11. According to Bob Ellis, if it's the same bag--the Kansas is $1550.
  12. ahhhh I want one! so nice!
  13. I was so excited (and VERY LUCKY) to find Reese's Velvet Kansas ON SALE at Barney's New York in January. I love love love it!!! and use it all the time!
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