Lanvin Kansas in suede?

  1. Would you guys buy the Lanvin Kansas in black suede, same as Reese Witherspoon? I live on the East Coast so we do get bad weather/snow/rain, would this be a bad investment due to the suede? It would be my main staple black bag IF I get it.

  2. The bag is gorgeous and I adore it and would own it if I could justify spending that much $$... However: suede is suede. Don't fool yourself about its care. I bought one suede purse, a Ghurkha, and in a month it was ready for the garbage. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear. If you are thinking, "Well, maybe Lanvin uses a special suede and it won't "wear" as badly..." well, don't think that! Just be prepared for heartbreak. And if anyone else has this bag and can attest to its strength -- go ahead, we're all waiting for your words!
  3. I just got this bag today. honestly, it's not a true suede. It's a smoother suede. I'm not sure how to care for it though...
  4. I actually own this bag as well, the Kentucky version and was wondering how to care for the leather. Any suggestions?
  5. Suede scares me. My Coach suede marked the first time I used it. I had a similiar experience with A Sundance bag as well. If it came in leather I would buy that instead but of course it's up to you.
  6. I had this bag in sueded leather (the same one as Reese) and it was honestly the most fragile bag I'd ever owned. I eventually sold it because I could hardly carry it around the house without getting some kind of mark on it!!!

    p.s. old thread!