Lanvin Kansas - how do you treat it?

  1. I just got the black leather/suede Kansas and am unfamiliar with this type of leather. Can anyone advise on how to treat it? it's not suede, but it's a very soft, suede-like leather.

  2. Beautiful bag! Might be worth asking Lanvin what they recommend.
  3. Gorgeous! Where did you get it and how much $?
    If you don't mind our asking...
  4. eBay, $1400ish
  5. Very cool bag! Sorry, no recommendations, just admiration.
  6. Is there a carecard that came w/it? If not, I'd probably use a spray suede protectant on it. One made by Apple Guard is really good
  7. thanks, I need to place an order with them anyway.
  8. Love that bag

    I just bought the purple last night off the same seller. But there's another purple on sale today! Weird.
    I thought they were like Hen's teeth
  9. Mine came with a tag from Nordstrom on it, but it looks like a Nordstrom Rack ticket, so I'm guessing she got lucky with a find!
  10. Some sellers have all the luck - she must be in w/a store rep or something. Congrats girls on finding these!