LANVIN Kansas & Hero

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  1. I haven't seen any threads on Lanvin yet so I'm sharing pics of my 2 purses. I love both bags but I'm lean more towards big bags so I carry the Kansas more often. The Hero is nice but it's just too small for all the stuff I carry.

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  2. Here's a closer look at the Kansas. This bag is more than a year old but I love the leather, still very smooth...

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  3. Here's another Lanvin, a hero. I'm sad to part with this beauty. I just sold her on Ebay. Help, I'm having a seller's remorse :sad::sad::sad:

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  4. Beautiful pics! Love the Kansas, I think that is one bag that will never be out of style-I just bought a Kentucky that is on its way back from the "spa" can't wait to get it!!
  5. Ah gorgeous purses! I am a *huge* Lanvin fan. I just found a vintage 05 Kansas in black that I've been dying for...yay!
  6. Wow! Those are really nice looking. I'm going to have to do some research on them.
  7. I love Lanvin! Especially the Kansas. :nuts:
  8. Really nice!
  9. i love your bags! i'm just starting to get into lanvin. i would love a kentucky!
  10. I love my kentucky... really my fave bag.
  11. Chicago, Manila? Are you my cousin, LOL?

    Beautiful bags! I adore Lanvin - they're so classy, but not too many people have them, which is nice. The Hero is especially unusual in that colour combo.
  12. thanks for those photos, i love lanvin! (it's so funny because i just sold a hero style as well so i know what you mean about remorse but mine was also too small for me most days so i am glad it is going to a home where it will be loved and used. i hope that helps...). and your kansas is gorgeous! :love:
  13. Love Lanvin too, have some great bags this season.
  14. Thanks to everyone for all your nice comments. I love Lanvin esp. the Kansas. I'm a very petite so this is perfect. The Kentucky comes in very interesting colors this season but they're just too big. Saw a pic of Sarah Michelle Gellar w/ Kentucky & it looked big on her.

    NYCMom, I have 2 boys growing up really fast so I had to let go of the Hero & I should say that it was one of the lightest bags I've ever had.

    Jbelle, hmmm, send me a pm, let's see if we're related:P
  15. lmartinx1, Barney's NY & Gregory Shoes carry Lanvin. You could try their websites, in case you didn't know.