Lanvin Kansas from 2005?

  1. I am having major regrets at all the bags I sold in the past! I had this Lanvin Kansas from 2005 and wonder if I can ever find one eBay the only place? thanks for any help :yes:

  2. ooh that is one true lovely bag... ive been thinking to buy it too for some times.
    i've only seen it on eBay though :sad:
  3. Yeah that's the one that I had and sold. I could CRY now as I want it back. Isn't that always the way????
  4. I also had that bag, but in black, and sold it on eBay. I don't regret selling it though!! Although it was gorgeous, I am not a gold hardware person and it only worked as a shoulder bag without a coat. The leather was really delicate too . . . they do still pop up on Ebay every once in awhile, and there aren't any fakes of this bag that I am aware of - which is a good thing!
  5. Bummer I wish I would have known about your auction!!!, I hope to come across one eventually...thanks for your kind words and glad to know there aren't any fakes!
  6. Lanvin bags are truly gorgeous. The only place I know to buy them is at Barney's, but sadly, that won't be of any help to you in finding the pretty one you're looking for.
  7. Twinklette I'm so sorry you're having bag regret, I know what that's like and it's painful! (I only wish you got what it's really worth when you sold it.) It's also tough because this particular brand is not as well known - but, as you pointed out, the upside of that is a lower likelihood of fakes. Just keep searching in eB*y and we'll all keep your fingers crossed for you.