Lanvin Kansas -- Cheaper in Paris????

  1. Does anyone know if Lanvin Kansas is more readily available and CHEAPER in Paris? Thank you!
  2. Not sure...but don't they sometimes go on sale at Barney's?
  3. i thought kansas never goes on sale? anyone can confirm this?
  4. ^^i've never seen the classic kansas bags on sale. there were some fall suede and fabric kansas bags that went on sale at Barneys this past winter. but that was the first time i saw them discounted.
  5. I want to know this, too. I was thinking about buying one, but holding off until July when I go to Paris!
  6. Barney's has them, I have not seen them go on sale though. I would imagine with the dollar being so weak against the euro that Paris will not be cheaper, but that is just my guess.
  7. I'm going to Paris this summer (first time in 18 years! -- that's what happens when you have trips...) and I will find out for all of us. If it's cheaper, I'll buy. If not...I'll wait for Barney's.