Lanvin Hero bag- which one should I keep?

  1. Hi, girls!!

    I recently bought the Lanvin Hero bag in two colors,
    and suddenly noticed that it will be silly to keep them both.

    Perhaps I should sell one on eBay, and can't decide which one I should let go.

    I bought a beige one and a gold one, which one do you think that I should keep?

    My camera has no batteries now, so couldn't take the photos, just found the gold one.

    Gold one looks very special, but the beige one goes nice with every clothes that I have.

    And,,,It will be my first experiance to sell a luxury bag on eBay, when you sell on eBay, how much do you usually start with, regarding the retail price?
    Actually, I never took them out with me yet, then would it be stupid to sell them similar to the retail price? :sweatdrop:

    I guess my first sale will depend on your advice!!
    lanvin.JPG lanvin2.JPG
  2. i have the gold one, so i have to say keep the gold! congrats!