Lanvin Handbags

  1. I found this picture lof the Lanvin Madrid bag on bagsnob's is to DIE for...! I went to the Lanvin website, but no info on price or where to purchase...anyone know anthing about this brand? And opinions on this gorgeous bag???? I am LUSTING over it!
  2. ^^i'm a huge lanvin fan! i haven't seen any of the new fall bags in person yet, but i have been drooling over the pictures. Barneys usually carries quiet a bit of lanvin. let me know if you find a price- it's a very sweet bag!
  3. I know there are a few Lavin bags on Barney's website. They don't have that particular bag, but it will give you an idea of their prices. Bob Ellis Shoes sometimes has them as well. I personally love the style of Lavin. And, of course, if the Bag Snob likes it...
  4. I love Lanvin. I have two. Bought one from bobellisshoes and the other from jeffrey's in atlanta. Love's pics.

    Let me just add that the quality is wonderful. The patent bag I had out in the rain and it held up really well. The vitello schoolbag did well in the rain too. But I sprayed the heck out of it.
    DSC00009.JPG lanvin_school_bag_4.JPG
  5. ^^ greenie those are beautiful! loooove the blue bag!
  6. Lanvin is a very beautiful "subtle" brand. Check out the Barney's website occassionally (, they sometimes have Lanvin bags online. Bob Ellis Shoes also carries them.

    Nordstrom at San Diego also carries their bags. You can give them a call for more info, ask for Joseph--he's the best! The number there is 619.295.4441.
  7. I saw a Kansas Lanvin bag on Lindsay Lohan. I have never seen one IRL, so I don't want to spend that much before I do. I have done some checking around and found that they are difficult to find at times. Thanks for the tips.
  8. ^ Yeah, I got interested in Lanvin recently too and it seems there are not a lot of websites that carry it. Cameron Diaz was recently seen with a cherry-red Lanvin shoulder bag that I absolutely love. Does anyone know where to find out more info about this brand?

    p.s. Greenie, your blue Lanvin bag is stunning!
  9. I love that purple bag!!! It's gorgeous!!
  10. Neiman Marcus SF also carries Lanvin and if you are in Northern CA, Susan's in SF and Burlingame stock Lanvin.
  11. Wow, Greenie, that second one is gorgeous! :yes:
  12. Thanks you guys. The patent bag is a really pretty color of turquoise. Called the heroine. Love 'em!
  13. What a nice bag! I've been eyeing the ones on Barney's website. None are as gorgeous as that one, though. Good luck with your search. Let us know if you find it.
  14. Greenie, do you know if that shade of turquoise is still available? I really want to get one, is it ok if I also ask how much it was? (I've been looking at diff sites and some of the Lanvin bags seem higher in price than others)
  15. Here are some pics of the red Lanvin that Cameron D has (at least I think it is Lanvin). I love it!