LANVIN Handbags

  1. Sending out a help flag...

    Does anyone know where I can get Lanvin handbags? (esp. stores that carry old stock?)

    There's one from last season that I really wanted, and I missed it.

    Any advice welcome, from here or abroad-

    Thanks! :smile:
  2. Barneys carries Lanvin handbags. What style are you looking for?
  3. Thanks!

    The flap bag, patent or no is both fine.

    I called Barney's but they mostly have metallics this season... I know that Lanvin had lots of non-metallic last season, and was hoping to find one somewhere. Did you happen to see any non-metallic flap bags there? Maybe I should call and double check, I only talked to the one in L.A.
  4. luisaviaroma also carries lanvin...are you talking about the hero bag? I saw it in a really nice turquoise color at Barney's around a month ago. I love Lanvin. Hope you find your flap, spiral!
  5. Yes, that's the one. :smile: Turquoise hero? Phanie, which Barney's did you see this at? I want to give 'em a call for sure...
  6. I saw it at BH, I think. I'd call around though, as this was around a month ago. It's a really cute bag, and the turquoise rules. The chain strap is a tad slippery though.
  7. Thanks to both of you... The ones on are gorg, but I'm not really a gray bag person... I really want a colored one, though, or even a beige w/ colored trim.

    I've actually been on a search for quite a while... been calling all over the U.S. and elsewhere. It was quite an experience being rejected in so many different accents, I felt like the last girl w/out a date at an international prom...

    I was at the BH Barney's the other day in the course of my search, but they didn't have any turquoise... was it patent, and a light blue? Sounds so nice...
  8. It wasn't patent and it was a pretty green turquoise. It was pretty, though maybe not the one you were thinking of. And I laughed at your international prom comment, sorry :p. Good luck!
  9. Still searching, Spiral.

    I'd call I got my turquoise heroine bag there.

  10. do NM, saks or nordstrom carry lanvin?
    I am dying for a kansas, but everytime I call barneys, the SAs sound so snooty and not helpful taht I dont feel like giving them the commission.
  11. I am dying for a kansas, but everytime I call barneys, the SAs sound so snooty and not helpful taht I dont feel like giving them the commission.

    Life lesson: Do NOT let any SA from any store give you a hard time. They are the ones working there, and you're the one with the $$ to buy a handbag they can only dream of owning. It is all about the tone of your voice and your sense of entitlement. They should earn their commission by giving you good service -- and feel free to remind them. Say, "Look, I'm trying to buy a handbag here, and I know you will get a nice commission, so it would be nice of you to actually help me!" Say it with a smile. :yes:
  12. I dont care if they treat me badly on the phone. I have SAs at other dept stores who are fab. and I'd rather give the commission to them. i dont really care about snooty barneys SAs to remind them that i WANT to buy the bag and ask them to be nice to me. i have better things to do than trying to convince these SAs that I will buy the bag. sorry, IMO, its their loss to not be helpful to me... but on the other hand... i really want this bag.
  13. Call bob ellis shoes. They're great...never snooty. Troy is great!


    They have a great selection of lanvin.
  14. Nordstrom in San Diego (The Fashion Valley store) carries Lanvin. They've got a pretty good selection of non-metallics. My favorite SA is now gone--but there's a new guy there, I think his name is Maurice that's very nice and knowledgable--ask for him. Just ask for the "new" guy :p Their number is 619.295.4441. Good luck!