Lanvin Flats!

  1. Hi girls..
    Whats the consensus on the different flats, satine, leather or patent?? so many options and so many colours i'm having so much difficulty choosing..
  2. They are equally comfortable. If it is your first pair, I would suggest regular leather.
  3. I have all types and I can say that based on wear, I get the most use out of my patents. also, patent and regular leather are equally comfortable but to me the satin is slightly less so.

    don't stress too much about choosing though, as I promise you you're not going to stop at one anyhow :yes:
  4. ^^^ ITA!! Highly addictive

    As the other gals have said for the first pair go for plain leather or patent. I'm totally in love with the patent and have two pairs of the patent ones.....Lanvin do a high shine patent and a duller one
  5. Ruthie, I started out with the regular leather too :smile: Let us know what you went with!

    Anyone have thoughts about the perforated leather flat in white? I was looking for the bone-colored one, and the SA suggested that one instead. Never considered it, and I'm not sure what I'd wear it with...
  6. I love the idea of white shoes with jeans, looks elegant somehow.

    I have the perforated in black
  7. Look what came today from the Gregory's Shoes sale. Love them!

  8. ^ Beeeaautiful!!! Congrats!

    If you have a minute, may I ask you to model the cross-strap ones and/or the patent ones for me please? (I'm thinking about getting them for myself) ;)

    Edit: How did sizing work for you, btw?
  9. Ooo I'm so jealous! And how yummy are the Lanvin boxes!!! They always remind me of old fashioned chocolate boxes
  10. I'll try to take pics tonight after work. I wear a nine in ballet flats so I got a 39 in all of these styles and they fit true to size. And I know they are outrageously priced but boy what a difference in the fit from all the other ballet flats I own from other designers.
  11. Thanks much, justwatchin! I had to buy my flats from Gregory's this morning, though. They said the promo's technically over, so it was now or never.

    I wanted to get 38.0 for my size 8 feet, but both Amanda and another SA told me very, very, very confidently to size 1/2 up. I hope they'll turn out fine. I dislike selling on eBay.
  12. Love your choices justwatchin!! I just got off the phone with Amanda (it's 3am my time). I'm glad I got the ruby patent! I did go 1/2 size up for all.
  13. Just a random thought, I guess: how much $$ can they make with this buy 1 get 1 free promo? This causes me to wonder what kind of a mark up retailers usually have on these shoes!
  14. I can't wait to get home...I should have 2 pair waiting for me! :tup:
  15. I used to work for a VERY well known designer and I know that the mark up on most clothing and shoes is between 250% and 300% depending on the brand and store....