Lanvin flats...worth the $$$?

Jun 16, 2007
Hi all,

I'm thinking of getting a pair of metallic silver Lanvin ballet flats....but at $545 I'm not sure exactly what I'm paying for. Does anyone else have these shoes? How do they run size-wise? Do you think this shoe will become a classic? Any information is appreciated. Thanks!


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
Check, I just snagged 2 pair for around $310 apiece. Definitely try to get them on sale! If you look in the January issue of Marie Claire on page 28, there's a little blurb on Lanvins and why they are so costly. It's pretty interesting!

A lot of people SWEAR by Lanvin. Since I just bought my first ones, the jury is still out. I think whether you buy them or not depends on a lot of things. One, of course, if they are within your budget, two if they fit your lifestyle and you will wear them a lot, and three if they fit you well. I have a really hard to fit foot, and at this point in my life, I will pay just about any dollar amount for a pair of shoes that fits.

So far, I'm finding them extremely comfortable, not binding, and easy to walk in. I'm also finding them to be more comfortable than my Tory Burch flats, but a close comparison to my Tod's ballet flats. I think your best bet is to try them and see if they're worth it to you.


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Aug 11, 2007
i have about six pairs. i have the satin and leather but love the leather the best. the satin are true to size but with the leather i tend to go down a size since they stretch. are they worth it? i think the leather one are but not so much the satin since they changed they way they make them about two years ago.


Feb 13, 2006
I have a few of the Lanvin flats and I love them. Yes, they are very expensive, but I find them very easy to wear and very comfortable. Since the leather bottom of the flats are very thin, I always take the flats to the cobblers to have a tap put on at the heel and the soles of the shoe before I wear them, that way they will last much longer.


Feb 24, 2006
I think they are completely worth the money. after a year and a half of wearing my lanvins weekly the leather still looks like new. Just get the soles reinforced and you will have a classic pair of shoes that you will get years of use out of.


Sep 21, 2006
I have a leather pair and of course the ballet flat will never go out of style but were they worth over $500? I really don't think they were, they are wearing out as any shoe will do and they are so flat my legs ache after a whole day in them. I had the soles done but they are so flat that the leather will get worn in spots since they are so close to the ground. I think you can replicate the look for much less or at least buy them on sale since you can find them that way now that the hype is over.


Nov 14, 2007
They are def. worth the money! Sooo comfy. Gap flats that are $40 are actually comparable..they are really comfy and durable. Right now they are selling suede but they will have leather ones again in the spring.