~*~*LANVIN Flats Sizing Questions*~*~

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  1. Hi everyone! I'm considering ordering a pair of Lanvin flats, but I have no idea how the different materials stack up against each other. How do the leather, satin, patent leather, and silk/leather ones compare to each other in terms of sizing? I'm usually an 8 or 8.5, so I'm just wondering which size I should go for, depending on which pair of Lanvins I go with. TIA! :smile:
  2. Hi trepidationdreams,

    I've found a half-size up in the Lanvin flats works perfect for me - I have the patent leather, patent square toe, satin and plain leather. I usually wear a 9.5 but a 10 (40) in the flats fits me beautifully. The elasticated throat ensures a good fit width-wise, so you're really sizing for length. Hope you find a pair to love!
  3. I was wondering this too. I'm normally a US size 8 and a European size 38.5. The SA that helped me with my purchase of Lanvins today told me it would be best to size up to 39 on both the satin ballets and the leather ones. I hope they fit. She mentioned that the difference between the 38.5 and the 39 was only 1/8th inch, so she told me not to be too stressed out by it.
  4. I sized up 1/2 size (38.5) on the patent leather, leather, and satin ones and it fits me perfectly.
  5. Im glad to hear this. I bought two pairs today one satin and one patent and went up half a size...to 39.
  6. Thank you for sharing the info ladies..

    Since I personally never tried it in person, this guide really helps..:smile:
  7. I'm usually a 10 or 40.5-41 in designer shoes, and I take a 42:wtf: in the Lanvin flats.
  8. I wear a 39 in Lanvins and this is my size in Prada, Gucci and Chanel too but I did find the Mary Jane with the heel I had to go up to 39,5
  9. Just a little contribution to interested Lanvin buyer, who has never personally tried the flats in person..
    I usually take:
    36 in Miu2
    36.5-37 in CL
    37 in MJ (can't go any smaller)
    37 in BV
    36-36.5 in Choo

    I was advised by this sweet SA at Gregory that size 37 would be fine for me since my lenght is really 37, so if I vary to 37.5 is because of the width which Lanvin elastic rims will accomodate..

    Hope this can help anyone who's confused about Lanvin sizing..
  10. Hmmm....that's a big jump. I wear a 39 in Lanvin and found some in a sale that were 39.5 so tried them and they were waaaay too big
  11. size up 1/2.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the input :smile:
  13. I second, this is a good guide.

    Don't you wish TPF would have stickies for Qs about sizing for each designer?
  14. Hi - do you find a difference in satin vs patent or leather flats?

    I am usually an 8 in most American shoes & Prada, 8.5 in Louboutin & Chanel & D&G.

    I tried on a "crinkly" patent flat in 8.5 yesterday that felt good but in same size in satin it felt a tad snug around the toes. I tried on a 9 & I think they felt better.

    Do these give at all?

    These will be my first Lanvins so I want to get them right from the get-go because black sells out so quickly.


    And are they really as comfortable as everyone says they are?

    Can you really walk around a lot in them?
  15. The satins will stretch a little so might be better to get them snug.

    I live in mine during the summer and they are incredibly comfortable. I wore them for a days shopping in London on Friday and whilst my feet felt hot and tired I had no pain from the shoes......and I have incredibly delicate feet that get blisters even from Havaiana flip-flops