Lanvin Flats is PEWTER Metallic... Where to buy?

  1. Has anyone seen Lanvin Flats in Pewter metallic in any stores? I know Barneys carried them in the spring, and I am desperately trying to track them down.
  2. You can try Bob Ellis shoes. I'm not up on my Lanvin stock, but I know they carry it and from what I understand, they carry a good amount?
  3. I called them already. To no such avail! Thanks though!
  4. ^^^Oh sorry. Hopefully some NYC girls will see this thread and be able to help. :smile:
  5. Hopefully. I live in New York and Barneys are sold out. I saw them on a lady at Bergdorf's yesterday and I'm in love!

    I know Off Fifth have the Saks replica, but I want the real thing!

    Also, I'm looking for the Louboutin ballet flats in pewter. If anyone has seen them, let me know!