Lanvin flats, colours?

  1. Hi there... my first thread :shame:

    Lanvin ballerinas are at the moment my biggest shoe obsession. I currently have 4 pairs (teal, black perforated and bronze from ss07 and dark purple from aw06)... but I'd like to know which colours is currently in the ss07 collection? I think, navy, red, taupe (both regular and perf.), black (regular and perf.), white (perf.), teal, bronze, silver, gold, yellow, tan... any more?
  2. Hi Cherry Blossom,

    Welcome to tPF! Lanvin flats are so gorgeous. I think this year they have new floral print ones as well

  3. Barney's in LA had a TON of these flats! Including those you posted spiral. So pricey...
  4. Congrats on your first post . . . I am "new" too - one month. This forum is so addicting but I have learned tons . . . I have Lanvin flats too and I love them as well. I think my first pair was two years ago? - my first pair was teal - the color is slightly different than this year's teal. It's hard for me to wear other flats because I am so spoiled by the comfort of Lanvin. I think you got the colors right for this season! :yes:

    My fav pair are the crushed patent in navy. They are supposed to be coming out with patents on their next run I hear but not the crushed patent . . . regular patent.
  5. Thanks :balloon:
    Patent, really? Thought I might have missed that line, but I'll get another chance. Still looking for navy and red leather, anyone seen these online somewhere?

    Btw, just bought the flat boot with buttons on the side (like Kate Moss), only in the cognac/brown colour, yeah!
  6. I haven't seen them on any on-line sites in patent. I think there are some patents on eBay but all the ones I have seen in new condition are priced at least the selling price. The patents sold out very fast. They did them in a crushed/crackled patent and a regular shiny patent. I tried really hard to get them the last run but was unable.
  7. I have those flat boots too in black - they are the bomb! Sooo comfy and warm... :yes:
  8. Those floarl print ones are cool! I hope you get some!
  9. the floral prints are adorable. however they are rubberized cotton- I'm wondering if there might be sweaty feet issues on hot days.

    I have two pair of lanvin ballet flats- black and black patent. my all time favorite shoes! however they are very pricey, so i really have to reign myself in from wanting the entire color spectrum.

  10. handbagdreamer
    - I have around 7 pairs of the Lanvin ballet flats and love them to death. My favourites are the patents - I have a chocolate and a black pair - because you don't have to worry too much about them in the rain!

    You mention that they might be doing patents on their next run - by this do you mean for pre-fall or for this coming spring/summer season. I would totally love a lipstick red - if anyone sees them in a 36 - please would you give me a heads up! TIA
  11. hey lanvin ballerina lovers, could you give me some advice? how do they run? I am a size 40 (French), 39,5 Italian and wide feet(!!)...I've been longing for a pair for yonks now but unfortunately never dared order ...haven't got Lanvin around my place so...please, help and thanks for the info!
  12. The red patents are on the Matches website

    I wear a 39 in all designer shoes and wear a 39 in my Lanvin ballet flats too, I went up .5 size in the kitten heel ballet pump. I think that if you have wide feet you may feel more comfortable buying them in a 40. Are you in Europe or the US? I can give you some sites for Europe where you could always return and exchange if they are the wrong size
  13. I'm in Europe, and thanks for the info, mooks!!

  14. if you could, please give some websites in europe where i could order them and return if they don't fit.

  15. Try luisaviaroma, matchesfashion and mytheresa :tup: